You Need More Than One Thing
June 16, 2021

You Need More Than One Thing

You Need More Than One Thing  (Barbie Blank)

I'm really excited because today we have Barbie Blank. She is a WWE star, model, actress, beauty influencer entrepreneur, podcast host of the Comeback Kids, and a philanthropist.

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Barbie’s background [0:59]

Barbie on reality TV shows and movies [8:06]

Rosé wine by Barbie Blank [12:21]

Comeback Kids podcast [15:08]

Barbie shares her best moments from her podcast [18:32]

Cure Glioblastoma charity [20:16]

Barbie’s wedding and honeymoon [23:17]

Future events [25:08]

Barbie’s tips to look and feel better [26:14]




OLAPLEX saved my hair when I was trying to go back to blonde from a brunette. If anybody's trying to change their hair color to blonde, you need OLAPLEX.

It was so important to me to have a life outside of WWE. I wanted to have something for when I was ready to retire. Something that I could move onto. Just for myself. I just wanted more. 

I've heard so many people say that all reality is terrible. But the network we were on was top of the line, and I just had an amazing experience. 

I have been able to put my hand on a lot of different things. It didn't pigeonhole me, and I think that's what helped my career through so many opportunities. 

My charity, Cure Glioblastoma, has been my calling for my dad. It's how I can represent him, keep his spirit alive, and make him proud. 

I wash my face morning and night. I started drinking 128 ounces of water. My skin is clear. I don't have bags under my eyes. My skin is softer. I just feel like a new person honestly.

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