Starting from Scratch
January 27, 2022

Starting from Scratch

Starting from Scratch | Tori Gerbig

I love stories of strong female entrepreneurs. But even more so when it starts with a humble beginning and grows bigger than they ever imagined. Today's guest is Tori Gerbig, the Founder of Pink Lily, the popular online clothing store that grew from a side hustle from the trunk of her car to a Fortune 500 company. She is here to talk about her journey and how she grew her business and juggled family at the same time. But she also talks about the importance of size inclusivity and what they are doing to change the way retailers are offering clothing to their customers. 

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The start of Pink Lily [2:39]

Learning for her career [6:40]

Social media and community [8:26]

Buy for your customer [9:15]

Representations of all sizes [12:13]

A new measurement campaign [16:56]

Starting from scratch [22:56]

Advices for small business owners [24:13]

Balancing work life when you have kids [26:09]



Pink Lily started as a private Facebook group selling to local girls.

We had a gut feeling that Pink Lily could be more than a side hustle, so we left our jobs and dived in.

At Pink Lily, we consider what the customer requests to help us grow.

The core customer at Pink Lily is an everyday woman who wants to look and feel their best without a high price tag.

At Pink Lily, we have women in all sizes that represent our brand and showcase the clothing.

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