Special Episode: Be Proud of Who You Are (Guy Tang & JuE Wong)
April 01, 2021

Special Episode: Be Proud of Who You Are (Guy Tang & JuE Wong)

Special Episode: Be Proud of Who You Are (Guy Tang & JuE Wong)

I'm very excited about today's special edition of Beauty Uncovered. Today, I’m speaking with OLAPLEX Ambassador Guy Tang, as well as the CEO of OLAPLEX, JuE Wong. We're here to discuss a very uncomfortable time that we are right now having in our lives.

Last year, the Black Lives Matter movement surfaced a lot of conversations that were both uncomfortable and very necessary. And now, today, we are finding that we need to have more conversation. We're not done yet. Today we are talking about race in America, specifically as it relates to Asian Americans. Our intention is to have this tough conversation, while still celebrating all that we are. 

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Guy’s background [02:11]

Guy’s motivation to live authentically [16:32]

No one should feel uncomfortable representing the Asian community [27:31]

The most important things to remember from this conversation [29:46]

Every Asian is not just one type of person [38:33]

Speak up [45:49]




Asian Americans are people who just want to have the opportunity to have a life that every American is entitled to. And more importantly, to be respected, and to be understood.

Asian Americans don't need empathy. We don't need sympathy or a handout. We are people who just want to have the opportunity to be like everyone else.

The word exotic really isn't a compliment, because exotic means something is rare. Asians are the most populated people on earth, but yet were the least represented in Hollywood. 

There's no Asian equivalent to Mariah Carey, Cindy Crawford, Whitney Houston, Beyonce. So, we never see ourselves as a pop star, an actor. Our hopes and dreams are non-accessible.

When I talk about being naked in my campaign, it's not just the color, the shape, or the tone. It's about being vulnerable, being honest, and being proud of your skin, for who you are. 

You have to be proud of your heritage, your roots, your history, your background, if you don't know it, Google it. Search it. Learn about it. Learn your own history. Learn who you are. 

I didn't see an Asian singer, so I got into music. I didn't see Asian actors, so I got into a show. I didn't see an Asian face on a product line, so I put myself out there.

If you have a dream, and you don't see that hole being filled, fill that hole, fill that void. Be vulnerable. And give everything you have for something you believe in.

You have to love yourself. Love your culture. Love your language. Love your parents. Love the food. Everything that you are, find some way to love yourself.

If you don't know something, no matter what color or gender you are, learn. Talk to someone. Just because one person doesn't experience racism, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 

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