Keep Life Colorful  (Bianca Hillier)
April 15, 2021

Keep Life Colorful (Bianca Hillier)


Keep Life Colorful  (Bianca Hillier)

Today we have Bianca Hillier, who's best known for her hair painting skills and customized beachy Bali. She's able to flawlessly capture those sunkissed surfer highlights for her clients and she prides herself on her natural ability to create dimensional color hand-tailored to each client. Currently, she is the exclusive colorist for Nomad Model Management and Trisha Brink Model Management, where she's worked with world-renowned models, celebrities, and public figures and has traveled throughout the world.

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Bianca’s hair doing process when management companies send her models [01:44]

Modeling agencies and magazines demand Bianca’s signature style or have things changed? [10:06]

Clients wanting models’ hair [15:05]

Bianca customizes her techniques based on lighting and clients' travel schedule [18:10]

Trends in the US and in other countries [22:38]




We have to keep in mind that everyone's always getting Photoshopped. So yes, these girls are beautiful, and they're flawless, no doubt. But there's always Photoshop.

Filters are fun but can give you a surreal, unrealistic view of what beauty is, first of all, but also what is actually realistic. 

If you took a photo in your bathroom, opposed to taking a photo outside, they are totally different. If you're turned around, it can look like two different people. 

Since the pandemic, I have noticed whether you're brunette, blonde or redhead, a lot more requests for low maintenance type color.

Everyone's hair texture, hair cut, body, face shape, everything's different. You have to find somebody with similar hair or hair texture to you so that we can kind of go off of that.

Everyone started doing at-home facial beauty routines and hair routines. OLAPLEX made a big, grand appearance during the pandemic because I think it really helps. 

Color for a model or somebody who's going to be on film is much different than somebody who's not. In person, you're seeing real light. But on film, it's a completely different realm. 

The majority of my clients are models, so they are traveling for work. Lighting plays a huge factor into coloring, and the environment especially plays a huge factor in what everybody sees.

We want to help our clients accept their own unique beauty, which is what they have. They have to let go of preconceived notions of what other people have, and look at what they have.

I think you have to accept who you are, accept what you have, and then work from it from there. Don't get so hung up on what everybody else is doing.


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