Founder-Led Beauty Brands Are the Future
October 21, 2021

Founder-Led Beauty Brands Are the Future

Founder-Led Beauty Brands Are the Future | Akash Mehta

Today's guest is Akash Mehta, the Co-founder of beauty brand Fable & Mane. He is also the host of the podcast Founded Beauty. Akash started young on a path to rediscover his passion and pursue it relentlessly. He has worked as a Global Digital Manager for companies like Dior, Estée Lauder, and Burberry. He also made it to Forbes Under 30 list in Media Marketing.

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Akash’s background [0:30]

How Akash became the youngest manager at Estée [11:51]

Indie brands with authentic stories [14:55]

Life is the biggest blessing where you get to learn every single day [18:05]

Akash three-step approach when starting your company [20:03]

Beauty rising and standing out in the social media [22:39]

Put the best version of yourself out there [23:02]

You also need to shine in front of the brand [32:02]



How can we cut through the noise with beauty? By listening, using the data, being true to you and your why, being unique, and finding cutting-edge media techniques to stand out.

Imagine every content will go viral. Would you be happy with that content? Make sure, no matter what, everything you put out there is the best version of what you can produce.

I believe that the founder-led, purpose-led, and conscious-led beauty brands are the future, and I want their stories to be heard.

You need to shine. It brings people closer to the brand when they get to know you and your journey, where you've come from, and how much of your passion is infused in the brand.



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