Confident. Carefree. Connected.
October 21, 2021

Confident. Carefree. Connected.

Confident. Carefree. Connected. | Nicole Gregory

Today's guest is Nicole Gregory, a person that understands what beauty means. Several years ago, while traveling, Nicole Gregory found that finding a place to go to get all of her beauty needs met was nearly impossible unless you personally knew of local beauty artisans; hair, brows, make-up, nails, and medical spa services. She found that many others had the same frustration. Nicole decided to create Urban You Modern Beauty & Wellness. In our conversation, we will talk about how Nicole is empowering women, both her clients and her employees. We will also look at the blueprint of what other women could be doing within their own companies.

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Connecting with people [2:25]

Why entrepreneurs don’t succeed [3:45]

Consider the depth of your network [5:52]

Urban You [7:13]

Find the market gap [9:22]

You create your own standard [10:11]

Hearing a “no” is hard, but keep going [11:33]

Your company’s culture should empower people [15:35]

Work hard for your next opportunity [17:33]

Tell us your why [20:48]



The number one reason entrepreneurs don't succeed is because of funding.

We’re always saying work yourself out of a job, which means work so hard that the next opportunity opens up for you.

You create your own standard.

Your company should build a culture that empowers people.

As people, we are constantly trying to connect with others.

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