Bringing Girl Power to STEM | Erin Ross
October 03, 2022

Bringing Girl Power to STEM | Erin Ross

Bringing Girl Power to STEM | Erin Ross

We encourage our children to chase their dreams, but what do we do to support them in the belief that they can chase any of their dreams? Today, we have Erin Ross, CEO of Girls Inc. LA, join us to talk about the amazing support they give to young girls as they grow up by encouraging the belief that they can do anything, that there are many opportunities out there for them especially in the realm of STEM. Programming and engineering aren’t just for boys!

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Erin Ross is the CEO of Girls Inc. of Los Angeles, an organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Erin previously served as Senior Managing Director of External Affairs at City Year Los Angeles. In addition to Girls Inc. LA, Erin has recently joined Chief, a private network that helps more women achieve positions of power and help them stay there. Erin has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Tufts University.


Show Notes

  • The Inspiration Behind Helping Her Community [2:12]
  • The Path to Girls Inc. [7:44]
  • The Underrepresentation of Women [11:26]
  • An Organization the Truly Helps Girls Everywhere [14:35]
  • Providing Girls the Same Opportunities as Boys [20:11]
  • The Resources Needed at Girls Inc. [26:38]
  • The Amazing Volunteers at Girls Inc. [30:37]

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