Blonde Rules, Low vs High Maintenance, and Embracing Your Style | Sarai Speer 
March 15, 2021

Blonde Rules, Low vs High Maintenance, and Embracing Your Style | Sarai Speer 


Blonde Rules, Low vs High Maintenance, and Embracing Your Style | Sarai Speer 

In today's episode, I'm speaking with Platinum blonding extraordinaire, Sarai Speer. In this episode, Sarai and I dive deep into the blonde rules and give information every hair colorist knows and every client should. We also discuss low versus high maintenance and embracing your personal beauty. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Sariah you may know her as the Platinum Giraffe on social media, or from her appearance on The Look All-Star on TV. She has been featured in BuzzFeed Cosmo, Pop Sugar, Sephora, Insider Beauty, The Today Show and Modern Salon. She is a nationwide educator and artistic director with Trionix and an Olaplex advocate. She is an expert at incredible hair transformation and is known in the industry for teaching her Platinum blonding techniques.

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Sarai’s background [1:37]

If you’re considering blonde for the first time, a few things to consider [4:51]

How to think about hair maintenance [20:42]

Approaching insecurities and building confidence with beauty [32:30]

A look at what Sarai carries in her bag [38:38]



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    A lot of people just see these beautiful pictures, and they have no idea that blonde is not just a color, it's a commitment. It's a lifestyle. 

    If you find a good stylist who is patient, and can maintain the integrity of the hair, you can absolutely have blonde hair. 

    When people say I want to be blonde, Okay, awesome. Now what? It's all about figuring out what works for their lifestyle, their budget, and their upkeep. Communication is so important.

    I'm guaranteed to go to bed and wake up with one person; me, myself and I. So if I can look at myself every night and morning, and be like, you're doing okay! That is all that matters.

    As a stylist, I want to make sure that I'm doing everything on my end to ensure that beautiful color that you walk out with, is the color you keep, until the next time you see me.

    If you give a low maintenance person high maintenance hair, it doesn't matter if it's the most beautiful hair I've ever done in my whole life, they are going to be unhappy.

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