November 01, 2019

Why Most Damage Occurs Away From The Salon

Many of us have experienced the post salon visit woes. The feeling where the glimmer in our hair from that amazing salon selfie has faded into dull, brittle, crunchiness. Though one may think this is caused by residual chemical service damage… most times the truth is, it’s our own fault. *gasp* Let’s talk about it!

Anytime our hair goes through a chemical change, it’s more vulnerable to damage. For that reason, our hair routine must alter in order to keep it healthy. This means daily routines such as thermal styling, washing, mechanical styling, and even environmental exposure may need an adjustment.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do them, but a little moderation never hurt anybody!

First things first, let’s address the best way to keep your hair thriving. Whether you visit the salon or not, you should ensure its optimum health. To do so, we recommend weekly Olaplex No.3 treatments. It’s as easy as taking 15 minutes out of the day to rebuild the bonds in the hair. Results are seen with each and every treatment, setting up the ideal healthy canvas for the week ahead.

Ease off the heat. Applying too much heat to the hair with styling tools is a sure way to fade hair color and damage bonds. Alternatively, discover natural hair styles to wear during the week– there are options for every hair type!

As spring  and summer approach, keep in mind the effects water and sun have on the hair, like fading and brittleness. Olaplex Ambassador, Bianca Hillier, loves combing Olaplex No.3 into her hair before going into chlorine water or laying out in the sun. It’s a great way to get a treatment in while having fun in the sun! We also love to consider a swim cap when going into chlorine– it saves the hair form unnecessary stripping.

A little adjustment to your styling routine can produce great benefits to the hair, leaving it feeling as fresh as it did when you left the salon!

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