November 01, 2019

So You Graduated Beauty School… Now What?

Here at Olaplex, we absolutely love students! We host live Olaplex demonstrations on our Facebook weekly with top hairdressers and our team of ambassadors including Justin Anderson, Chad Kenyon, Bianca Hillier, and Nikki Lee to name a few. We’re always excited when students tune in and ask questions, the number one being, “What advice you have for someone who is graduating beauty school?”

We asked the Olaplex Ambassadors what they felt made them the most successful after beauty school and they all had the same answer in common; assisting. Assisting means finding a hair dresser you admire and working under them as an assistant. The benefit to not immediately getting behind the chair is being able to watch and learn from a pro, including all their techniques, how they formulate, and other insider secrets. For some it may be a celebrity colorist they choose to assist, for others it may be a hometown hero, or both. Whatever the choice may be, it is no doubt assisting is a fabulous way to further your education outside of beauty school basics. 

If you don’t know where to begin, you’re in luck! Social media is a great way to research stylists and colorists who’s work you admire. Get a list together of those you can see yourself learning from, and reach out to them directly. You may even want to pop into their salon space and introduce yourself! Keep in mind depending on the city you’re in, some salons are divided by styling and coloring. If you have a passion in mind, like color for example, a colorist is who you want to reach out to. However, if you are undecided or if you want to learn both coloring and styling dedicate yourself to learning the craft from hairdressers who specialize in both. 

Most assistants assist for at least two years, many go for four. The key is learning as much as you can! Remember, many successful hairdressers work at a fast page, some even book highlights every 30 minutes. It is the assistant who is mainly in charge of ensuring a busy flow goes smoothly, so it’s important to always think ahead and be super thorough when it comes to assisting the hairdresser you’re working under as well as tending to clients’ needs.

At the end of assisting, not only will you have learned techniques and tricks not found in beauty school, but you will get first hand experience and gain so much confidence in your work during the process. Inspiration is everywhere–one day you may want to only do balayage, the other day it’s cutting or maybe the salon won’t be your home at all and you decide to freelance for editorial instead. Whatever path you choose, make it one in which you’re always surprising yourself and learning!

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