Power to the Stylist
November 01, 2019

Power to the Stylist

Since inception, we have made it our mission to share the work of real artists on our social media platforms. We don’t use professional model photographs shot in a studio; rather, we use real work that results from stylists using OLAPLEX. On a daily basis, Team OLAPLEX goes through thousands of #olaplex posts on Instagram to search for work to feature on OLAPLEX social media. From stylists in Europe, Latin America, to small-town salons in the USA– we’re most inspired by the work stylists can create with OLAPLEX. It’s all a part of our greater mission, which is to enable the stylist to create gorgeous, healthy, elevated work wherever they are just by ensuring the integrity of their clients’ hair with the use of OLAPLEX.

Hair by @beckym_hair

We then can promote the stylist further by featuring their work on brand stands at Sephora stores, Sephora social media, and other influencer accounts reposting the gorgeous work found on our profiles. The way we see it is OLAPLEX is a means to helping the stylist and consumer live their best hair life, confidently, and in the healthiest way possible. Confidence leads to evolution and unlimited creativity, making a healthy canvas the ideal way to thrive. We are always inspired by the work stylists tag us in on Instagram and feel endlessly grateful to be a part of so many hair journeys and careers. 

All photos feature work from real stylists using OLAPLEX and tagging #Olaplex on Instagram! This color is by @jessicapowerspaints

What brings an even bigger smile to our faces, is to see stylists all over get the recognition they deserve for the work they put out. Each session with a client takes anywhere from an hour to 9 hours or more. This work deserves to be seen and used to inspire others to elevate their business or try a new technique. This is also why we do weekly OLAPLEX Live broadcasts to feature the work and methods of the real life stylist. From OLAPLEX Ambassadors (all who were found via social media!) to independent stylists and heavyweight Beverly Hills– we learn vital tools each and every time!
In this day and age, it’s essential to give back and support one another. We’re grateful to be a part of a shift that gives the power back to the stylist. We can create change by empowering one another to produce the greatest work possible.

With OLAPLEX, each and every service is taken to the next level by rebuilding broken disulfide bonds before, during, and after the process. Use #olaplex for a chance to be featured and show the world your beautiful work! Who knows, your creation may be on display at a Sephora store soon!

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