OLAPLEX No.7 on Beards
November 05, 2019

OLAPLEX No.7 on Beards

The launch of OLAPLEX No.7 has made way for an array of uses, and we’re not just talking about the hair on your head. We’re talking about lesser cared for hair– beards! Facial hair should be taken care of just as much as the hair on ones head. Bonding Oil will not only moisturize the beard, it will also moisturize the skin underneath, making it look shiny and groomed, without fussy flaking. It will also smell super fresh and soft to the touch. Bonding Oil is lightweight and doesn’t just sit on top of the hair, it provides superior moisture, without leaving the beard feeling oily or heavy. The feedback we’ve received for No.7 on beards has been absolutely wonderful! Here are some benefits and uses to take your beard to the next level.

Unlike any other beard oil on the market, No.7 has the ability to rebuild the bonds in the hair, while moisturizing. This increases manageability, while taming flyaways, and hydrating the hair. What damage does beard hair have you might ask? The face’s constant exposure to sunlight, is not only damaging to skin, but also to the hair via environmental damage. OLAPLEX can help that by rebuilding the hair with its patented, non-toxic, technology.

With the use of No.7, the appearance of the beard is softened, with some reporting No.7 helping it feel more full! When the beard is properly moisturized and healthy, it feels less wiry and itchy, making Bonding Oil essential for a low maintenance beard! Oh, and the scent is amazingly light and aromatic for closer moments. 

Instructions for using No.7 Bonding Oil on Beards: 

  1. Wash face and cleanse beard.
  2. Pat dry with a towel.
  3. Work a moderate amount of No.7 to the hands.
  4. Pat product into the beard, avoiding areas around mouth.

To take your beard game to the next level, we love OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector treatments in conjunction with regular No.7 use. A couple of No.3 treatments a month on the beard can make a world of difference to the hair by rebuilding the bonds in the hair, increasing manageability, shine, and overall the feel of the hair. 

Try it for yourself! Use #olaplex to show us your results, but for now, enjoy these awesome No.7 beards! 

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