Inclusive at Our Very Core
July 14, 2020

Inclusive at Our Very Core

The mission here at OLAPLEX is simple; every person, no matter their hair type, should have healthy hair. 'Every person' extends beyond their hair type, from coily curls to straight hair and processed hair to natural. Though essential, healthy hair means more to us than having a beautiful, resilient, substantial mane. Healthy hair evokes confidence and wellbeing in the person; qualities derived from the intention and time devoted to wellness from the top down. We are committed to providing products and platforms to ensure all communities can benefit from OLAPLEX. From Black Indigenous People of Color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, or questioning to anyone in-between. At OLAPLEX, we are inclusive at our very core, and it is our mission to cultivate and nurture this space for our extended family.

This Pride Month, we celebrate the LGBTQ community, and steadfastly continue to amplify BIPOC voices. For a moment, we remember our humble beginnings, when the OLAPLEX formula came to life inside of a garage. A moment so fast and modest that has led to millions of uses worldwide, over 1.7 million followers strong on Instagram alone, and healthier hair for every user. With immense gratitude, we take great pride in knowing the LGBTQ and BIPOC community helped us build this. Without their support, we wouldn't have the diverse, vibrant, colorful OLAPLEX family we have today five years later.

It is this month we remind our community every day is a celebration of what makes us unique. We are proud to be a diverse, inclusive company comprised of BIPOC, LGBTQ, and the people that stand by them and uplift their voices. Throughout Pride Month and beyond, we will focus on helping these communities we love grow as they have helped us do. Social media houses millions in these communities, meaning there is always a fresh, inspiring person to follow, waiting on the other side. Sometimes, it just takes a little searching, and on that front, we're happy to help you navigate these creators! Please keep your eyes peeled on our social media and blog as we share the talented BIPOC LGBTQ lives that inspire us.

OLAPLEX is for every service; it is for every salon, every hairstylist, every customer, period. We promote diversity, inclusivity, and the differences that make every person distinctively them. We also encourage the hair industry to do the same! Here are some ideas on how, as a community, we can use our platforms to promote diversity and amplify BIPOC LGBTQ voices:

  • Count your platforms, whether they're email, Instagram, Facebook, a blog, a storefront, Twitter, Pinterest, or other. Strategize ways you can use each of them to further the narrative of BIPOC LGBTQ communities.
  • Focus on building an inclusive community on each of your platforms, promoting engaging, positive conversation.
  • Consider commissioning graphic design from designers in the BIPOC LGBTQ community to elevate the aesthetic of your message.
  • Seek out BIPOC LGBTQ creators and use your platform to put them in front of new audiences.
  • Use the power of your platform to provide resources that help amplify the causes and voices of these communities.

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