November 01, 2019

If You Fall Into One of These Categories– You Need Olaplex!

Virgin Hair

Hair that has never been chemically treated. Though no chemical changes have been made to the hair, this hair type may experience damage from thermal styling such as flat ironing the hair or curling it. It’s important to point out, virgin hair, thermal styling or not, isn’t safe from damage just by omitting chemical treatments or heat– environmental damage can occur from harsh sunlight or high temperatures.

So, what does Olaplex do for Virgin Hair? It helps repair hair from potential and existing thermal, mechanical and environmental damage. Olaplex also strengthens and prepares it for future services.

Color Treated Hair

This is hair that has been treated with color, lightener, or gloss/toner– if you’ve had any color change to your hair from all over color, vivids, maintenance toners to glistening highlights… you fall into this category.

Olaplex can be mixed into colors and lighteners to mitigate the damage done during the color service. Olaplex No.2 is used after the service to repair the broken bonds in the hair without the chemicals working against it. Using Olaplex in color services also helps lower porosity leading to greater color longevity and shine! We love when we hear people say their hair feels better than before, after highlights with Olaplex.

Curly and Naturally Textured

From waves, big bouncy curls, all the way to tight coils– color treated, natural, or virgin. Perhaps your hair has become damaged from chemical services or thermal styling, leaving you with less vibrant, uniform curls. Don’t worry– we’ve got you!

Olaplex rebuilds and restructures the hair strand to bring back curls after they’ve lost their shape. It also improves moisture retention, but it is not a moisture treatment! For dry hair (which is common in curls), get the Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment in salon, use Olaplex No.3 at home, and follow with a conditioning treatment for optimum results.

Relaxed or Permed

If you have relaxed hair or desire to chemically alter the texture of your hair, Olaplex can get you there in a healthier way! Whether you choose tousled curls or a sleek straight look– Olaplex will give you healthier, shinier results. You can also use Olaplex as a treatment to maintain the strength of your hair, after all, it’s been through the ringer.

Olaplex reinforces all the other bonds that remain allowing a relaxed or permed client to grow their hair even if colored.


Whether it be treatments, chemical services in salon, or using the No.3 at home– Olaplex will give straight hair the strength it needs, improving manageability and allowing for more styling options.

The “I want healthy hair” Hair Type

Now, we ALL fall into this category and that’s exactly the point we’re trying to make! Olaplex is for EVERY hair type! When used as a system, it has the ability to bring your hair back to a virgin like state. From virgin or processed, to highly compromised hair, the Olaplex system is completely customizable to your needs. Join the revolution!

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